We like to go fast!

What is FastSwims?

FastSwims is the future.

FastSwims is the future of online swim meet entry and data organization! We streamline the meet entry process for parents, swimmers, coaches, and meet hosts!

How it Works


Send in your meet information

Fill out our simple form.


FastSwims sets up your meet

Within 24 hours, we set up all aspects of your meet.


Collect meet entries online

FastSwims collects all entries and fees, and with optional monitoring, will close your meet at your desired timeline.


Entry packet after close

FastSwims sends all of your necessary meet information to your inbox and your entry fees to your mailbox.


Easy Set Up

Fill out one short form and we'll do the rest.

Earn More

Sell programs to earn more funds for your team.

Fast Support

The fastest, most effective support in the business.


Optional monitoring and automatic closing of your meet for you.

Partial Refunds

Ability to process full or partial refunds.

Quick Payment

Get paid in 1-3 business days of your meet closing.


Autogenerated impartial timing assignments.


Send emails to your entrants directly through the system.

Easy for Everyone


Our Story

Carlene Takaki


Home grown in Pacific Swimming.

I grew up and have been involved with Pacific Swimming for over 25 years, and while other technologies were cutting edge when they first started, they have stopped innovating and are becoming obsolete.

I started this company to look toward the future of our swimming community and how to grow and bring us closer together. Our core value is innovation, and working for and with the swimming community!

I would love to hear how we can make the meet hosting process easier for you, and how we can build a product that will convince you to give us a try!

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